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What Is an eSIM and How Is It Better Than a Standard SIM Card?

Saying that a new world is now waiting for people with eSIMs, Sayan said, “The eSIM architecture will provide significant facilities to both M2M / IoT devices and the devices that our citizens use in daily life”

Pointing out that eSIM technology will bring many advantages, Sayan noted that the negative effects of production processes on the environment will be minimized. Stating that the process costs such as maintenance, access, logistics, and stocking of the cards will be eliminated, Sayan said:

“eSIM is a kind of programmable digital SIM card embedded directly in a device. eSIM is not a physical plastic card, but a small chip integrated into smart devices. eSIM can be used to change the mobile operator by remote access without requiring direct intervention to any device, that is, without the need to change the SIM card. eSIM offers solutions both in end-user devices such as smartphones and computers and in industries such as automotive and in various fields.


Explaining the benefits of eSIM, Sayan stated that when the mobile operator wants to change, it is possible to switch between mobile operators without physically changing the SIM card. Reminding that the consumer can only get the SIM card from dealers or by mail in physical SIM processes, Sayan made the following assessment:

“With eSIM, it will be possible to upload the operator profile to the device. The consumer may have to take into account the size of the SIM card and use the physical SIM card that is suitable for the device. With eSIM, this difference is eliminated. We will soon begin to see the application examples of eSIM in many areas and sectors. BTK has made the necessary arrangements for eSIM technology. We will continue to move our country forward in every field with the strength we get from the National Technology Move. ”


With the decision taken by the BTK on February 12, 2019, the installation of systems supporting remote programmable SIM technologies and their use in devices were provided to be 100 percent domestic and national as of March 2019. Under the decision, all devices that support this technology and are used by the end-user, including the automotive industry, will now be able to benefit from eSIM technology.

With the work done after the decision of the Board, the equipment installation with international certification and the arrangement was completed on the condition of 100 percent local. In addition, in line with the decision taken, international networks that did not comply with the rules in the regulation were asked to complete their shortcomings by giving time for their subscriptions.


The eSIM technology, which will be used actively in different scenarios, especially in internet-connected devices such as M2M, will serve global companies and business scenarios with its domestic eSIM infrastructure.

eSIM offers a wide range of uses, from smartphones, wearable technologies, to many internet-connected industrial products called M2M. With the eSIM infrastructure, the need to use a physical sim card to connect all these devices to the internet will be eliminated, and it will be replaced by secure software technology.

Security infrastructures connected to many sim cards, such as eCALL, which are standard in newly produced cars, will be offered software-based with eSIM.

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