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Unlocked Phones: Everything You Need To Know

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You don’t have to be an expert in all things cellphone to receive a working iPhone in Canada. However, if you should understand one thing about smartphones, then you need to understand the entire deal with unlocked phones.

It affects almost anything you’d want to do with a smartphone outside of daily use. Unlocking things if you’re switching carriers, purchasing a used mobile, going traveling, etc.

The fantastic news? It is not horribly complicated. The good thing: great details on unlocked cell phones can be kind of hard to find.

A good deal of stuff out there only applies to the US rather than Canada. Not to mention the number of confusing acronyms and obsolete information that may make your head spin. To clean all of that up, here is your definitive guide to unlocked phones.

Quick facts about unlocked phones

  • Unlocked telephones can be used on just about any wireless carrier. Rather; locked mobiles can only be used with one carrier.
  • Making sure that you don’t switch carriers is basically the whole point of phone locks. A locked phone can switch owners, phone numbers, specific programs, but maybe not carriers.
  • Unless you expressly sought out to find a unlocked phone, your phone is probably locked. Locked phones would be the default in Canada (Note: thanks to recent legislation, new phones will soon be sold unlocked beginning in December of 2017… until then, assume you have a locked phone.)
  • When you have a phone, the only means to get it unlocked is via your wireless carrier.
  • The best way to check your phone’s lock position is by popping in a SIM card from another provider — you will see an error message if your phone is locked.

What are the top websites to buy unlocked mobile phones and plans in Australia?

There are many mobile sites in Australia that help us to find out our favorite mobile phone. Some of these are:


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