Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Twitter’s new ‘Super Follow’ feature will ask users to pay for special content

Twitter has said that it is planning to offer a subscription service, in which users will have to pay for special content

The platform intends to develop a subscription system, called “Super Follow”, in order to allow certain accounts to be paid for their online activity.

Twitter plans to offer subscriptions and paid services to its users as a means of diversifying its revenues at a time when the economic model of internet platforms, based on advertising, seems to be increasingly challenged.

“We are exploring public fundraising opportunities like ‘Super Follows’ (‘Super Follows’, ndlr) which will allow creators and publications to be directly supported by their audiences and will encourage them to continue creating content that their audiences love, ”a spokesperson for the Californian group told AFP on Thursday.

A few dollars a month

Twitter featured “Super Follows” at its annual investor meeting and is expected to say more about this new product in the coming months.

It should allow fans of a personality to subscribe to their account, for a few dollars a month, in exchange for exclusive content, discounts on derivative products, newsletters, or even access to a private group. An option that is reminiscent of what platforms like OnlyFan offer.

The social network, frequented on average daily by some 192 million so-called “monetizable” users, seeks to convince the market of its ability to attract more users and to diversify its income.

“We are criticized for three reasons: we are slow, we are not innovative and we are not trusted,” said Jack Dorsey, the group’s founder, in an opening speech Thursday.

In response, he detailed the efforts of his teams in recent years and set himself the goal of reaching 315 million “monetizable” users by 2023.

Twitter has also announced the launch of a function called “Communities” (“Communities”), inspired by Facebook groups, allowing users to join together to follow common topics. It complements the Spaces audio chat function, this time very inspired by the Clubhouse social network, which has met with tremendous success.

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