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Street lamps increase breast cancer risk

Stating that the melatonin hormone is secreted from the pineal gland in the brain, Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Hakan Karagöl stated that this hormone has a special importance and said:

“Melatonin hormone provides the rhythm of the body by changing the clock gene. Thus, it is an important hormone that regulates both behavioral and physical activities during the day. It is secreted especially during sleep, between 00:30 and 02:30. It is secreted at other hours, but especially at this time. Light is very effective on its secretion. If we stay in the light when we need to sleep in the dark at night, this causes suppression of melatonin secretion in the brain through the eye. That suppression causes changes in rhythm, especially by changing the clock genes. When the brain is exposed to light, it perceives that time period as daytime and begins to arrange accordingly. “


Touching on scientific research on people working at night, Prof. Dr. Karagöl continued his words as follows:

“According to researches, the melatonin hormone is less than 1 in 3 in night workers. This means that the levels of melatonin are low in those who work at night. Because the melatonin levels decrease, there is a rhythm disorder. Apart from the melatonin clock genes, the female hormone is also effective on estrogen. Aside from the melatonin clock genes, the female hormone is also effective on estrogen. According to the studies on this subject, breast cancer has increased by 10 percent to 70 percent due to the low secretion of the hormone melatonin. For example, in an Israeli study, the breasts in those whose bedrooms are not completely dark due to street lights. Cancer is 70 percent more common. Sleeping with the television on, being in front of the television or computer for long hours at night increases the danger of breast cancer. “



Stating that breast cancer is secreted 50 percent less in visually impaired women compared to women without visual impairment, Prof. Dr. Karagöl also stated: “Breast cancer is less common in visually impaired women. Breast cancer is seen half less in people who have lost sight completely compared to normal healthy people. This signifies that the secretion of melatonin is higher due to staying in the dark and accordingly, the female hormone is too normal. This dilutes the danger of breast cancer.”


Stating that ‘Light pollution’ has started to be talked about worldwide due to artificial lighting and it has become a serious trouble. Dr. Hakan Karagöl, “Artificial lighting is a serious problem in the world. Light pollution is currently being talked about in the world. 1 in 5 of the world has excessive light pollution. This pollution is over 80 percent, particularly in developed countries. Illuminated billboards, street lamps cause this.” Breast cancer risk increases significantly in these regions.

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