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Starwars Battlefront II is distributed by Epic Games for free

Star Wars: Battlefront 2, which is free from Epic Games, has claimed 19 million players

Those interested in space-themed games showed great interest in Star Wars Battlefront II: Celebration Edition, which Epic Games distributed for free last week. The game, developed by Alt Shift studio, was first introduced by Humble Games in 2019.

Turkey clock 19:00 Epic Games as entering account on January 14, was able to download the game for free. It should be noted that the game has a price tag of 270 TL for today.


With the game being free, the interest of the players has also been great. Even after the game was free, the servers crashed for a while.

More than 19 million users have added Star Wars Battlefront 2 to their account for free, according to the last announced numbers. You can find the post of the Electronic Arts Star Wars account below. It is also a great situation that more than 19 million users have added the game to their account. Other games are also a big curiosity about how many people get on average.


If you are interested in the Star Wars series, you should definitely experience this game. In Capital Supremacy’s multiplayer mode, you will improve your mastery of the blaster, lightsaber, and Power. Play with your friends in Co-Op missions as AI fights enemies in Instant Action.

Engage in intense battles on a new and exotic battlefield with Power-ups inspired by Star Wars: The Skywalker starting December 17, as you engage in massive clashes on iconic planets and with characters from the three Star Wars eras. (Liberty)

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