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Software from Turkish scientists to ‘facilitate the work of dentists’

The local software, which can be used to solve clinical problems in all areas of dentistry, emerged as the product of 2 years of academic work

2D dental radiographs uploaded to the system are processed with the help of artificial intelligence, thanks to the oral, dental, and jaw problems and treatment solutions previously defined by dentists in the software. Thus, artificial intelligence helps dentists in making the correct diagnosis, as a decision support mechanism.

An application was made to the Turkish Patent Institute by ESOGU to obtain a patent for the software that was used for distance education.

“Will help physicians as a support mechanism”

Assoc. Dr. Stating that artificial intelligence has started to take place in all areas of life today, Bayrakdar said that they are looking for a solution that will facilitate their work in dentistry in artificial intelligence.

Stating that they started to work 2 years ago to develop a system that uses artificial intelligence, Bayrakdar said, “We aimed to develop an automatic diagnosis system in the application of images radiologically. A system that can make an automatic diagnosis with appropriate routine radiographs and advanced imaging techniques we use in dentistry. When the academic studies reached a certain level, we developed an application called ‘Craniocatch‘ with local software. ” said.

Bayrakdar explained that they gave the software a foreign name because they wanted it to be a product that would appeal to the international market.

Stating that there is very little automatic diagnosis system in dentistry radiology in the world, Bayrakdar shared the following information:

“2-3 companies that make this application are from abroad. We have created a brand called ‘CranioCatch’ that works with artificial intelligence to take place in the international market while meeting our own needs in our country and developing local software. After the doctor shot the film with the radiology device, the film was sent to the CranioCatch system. When installed, the diagnosis and treatment plan of the patient will be prepared thanks to the artificial intelligence-supported automatic diagnosis system. Thus, it will be beneficial for physicians as a decision support mechanism. A system that reduces the workload of physicians. With CranioCatch, a faster and easier diagnosis will be made. This system will help physicians as a support mechanism. ”

Bayrakdar stated that they have also created an artificial intelligence-supported module that can be easily used in distance education in dentistry, especially in the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) process.

“There is no such software natively”

Assoc. Dr. Odabaş stated that they uploaded the radiological image to the system after labeling any disease detected by the dentist.

Explaining that each pixel of the image is processed one by one, Odabaş said, “The software tries to determine whether there is any discomfort in each of the pixels. In doing so, it learns the labeling of the physician to the places where the discomfort was found on the image. such software does not exist. ” used the expressions.

Dr. Lecturer Uğurlu pointed out that the diagnosis and correct diagnosis of the patient’s problem is as important as the clinical stage of the treatment in orthodontics.

Stating that CranioCatch will be beneficial for dentists during the diagnosis stage, Tuğrul said, “It will increase the clinical time of dentists and reduce the time they spend on testing on the computer. CranioCatch will contribute to us in obtaining the most accurate results by making all the analyzes on radiographs in a computer environment with the help of artificial intelligence.” he spoke.

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