Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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“Smoking leads to a rise in weakens the immune system,” Research says

UCLA researchers created models of human airways from donor stem cells

In the study conducted by University of California Los Angeles researchers in the USA and published in the scientific journal “Cell Stem Cell” on the relationship between coronavirus and smoking, it was revealed that smoking increases the risk of serious coronavirus infection by reducing the body’s immune response.


According to laboratory studies on respiratory system models made from human stem cells, smoking prevents important immune system molecules called “interferon” from working properly.

While it has been stated that interferons are messengers that tell infected cells to make proteins to attack the invading pathogen and are necessary to combat the onset of infection; It was also stated that they gather support from the immune system and stimulate uninfected cells to prepare for the virus. In the study, it was stated that smoking prevents this way from working properly, and this causes a 3-fold increase in the number of human cells infected with the virus.

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