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Renault embarks on retro-futurism

Renault has just unveiled its R5 Prototype, with the aim of reviving this legendary model of the diamond brand in a 100% electric version

Renault has just unveiled its R5 Prototype, with the aim of reviving this legendary model of the diamond brand in a 100% electric version. A modern version expected for 2023 including Gilles Vidal, Renault design director, who arrived from Peugeot in 2020, gives us the first details.

Renault is embarking on retro-futurism. Its R5 21st-century version aims to draw on the past of this legendary model, star of the 70s and 80s, to offer a popular 100% electric car by 2023.

A concept very close to the production version

It is barely two years from now that Renault intends to market this reinvented model, which will be 90-95% close to this concept, assured us Gilles Vidal, design director at Renault. Arrived from Peugeot last year, we owe him the latest 308 and 3008, two bestsellers of the Lion brand.

The interior is not yet finalized. Through the windows, we can only guess very modern headrests with illuminated seams and a head-up display. The latter is addressed both to the driver but not only, with a Hello readable from the outside.

“The rest of the Renault range will be much more futuristic”

While we were also awaiting a potential return of the 4L, the Renault design director, who had supervised the creation of the E-Legend concept at Peugeot, a modern reinterpretation of the 504, for the moment excludes other attempts at retrofuturism in range:

There are plenty of (historic Renault) cars that obviously have potential, but this is not topical. Already putting a vehicle like the R5 in the range is a lot for a brand that wants to modernize itself that wants to move into the future. We will see if the opportunity arises and if it is wise to do it on another model, but it is not relevant for the moment. “

“The rest of the Renault range will be much more futuristic, stand out from the vintage part, the R5 does not really represent the design philosophy of the other models, on which we will go further than that”, he adds.

We are thinking in particular of the future Mégane, which must reinvent this important model in the Renault range. In total, the diamond brand plans 14 vehicle launches by 2025.

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