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Migraine Research Statistics 2020 – One in 5 Women Suffers

Prof. Dr. Saip said that migraine is a health problem that has existed throughout human history.

Stating that migraine cases are seen in every society, in every region, and at all ages, they differ in terms of their prevalence and that there are more migraine cases in women when viewed in terms of gender.

“Migraine is seen at a rate of 16.7 in a population-based study we conducted under the leadership of our scientific study group in our country. In other words, it is seen in 1 out of 5 women and 1 in 10 men. As the Turkish Neurological Association Headache Working Group, our aim is primarily migraine Our other goal is to raise awareness and raise awareness of the public so that they have access to accurate diagnosis and treatment approaches. For these purposes, we recently prepared a joint diagnosis and treatment protocol with the Ministry of Health and published.”


Stating that migraine is a disorder with attacks, Saip said, “Attacks are triggered by certain environmental factors and foods. For this reason, it is appropriate for patients to stay away from triggering factors. A regular life, not skipping meals, not staying sleepy, avoiding excessive stress, irritating food. Avoiding should be a basic way of life. In every region of our country, expert neurologists work in university and state hospitals. They can apply to them and receive diagnosis and treatment assistance. he spoke.

Prof. Dr. Saip that the reason why migraine exists is not known yet, Saip continued as follows:

“Intensive studies on the occurrence of migraine and its causes are continuing. Generally, on the basis of genetic predisposition, it emerges as a reflex against the environmental or internal momentary variables of the person. Our treatment approaches change as we understand migraine. New medicines come into use at the appropriate time. is the basic approach. ”


Pointing out that the drugs that contain many chemicals can cause headaches and migraines, Saip said, “Migraine can be controlled with medicines and living conditions in general. Drug treatment alone is not a solution.” found the assessment.

Prof. Dr. Saip noted the following:

“On the contrary, unconscious use of painkillers may make you smile at first, but over time a vicious cycle occurs and they cause headaches themselves. No more than 5-6 painkillers should be used per month. If there is such a trend, a specialist should be consulted and support. There is another important issue. Surgery and acupuncture therapy has no place in two migraines. No scientific, evidence-based study has been revealed that demonstrates the effectiveness of these methods. “

Image (1) courtesy of tower health urgent care

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