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Mask propaganda that caused a reaction on social media

Microbiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Ümit Savaşçı said, “It is not wearing a mask, it definitely kills the coronavirus.”

Negative campaigns on social media regarding the mask, which is one of the main measures taken in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, caused reactions. On Twitter, after a recent post with the tag of ‘we are removing masks’, now posted with the tag ‘mask is harmful to health’. Especially healthcare professionals reacted to this situation. Assoc. Dr. Savaşçı said that posts such as ‘masks are harmful to health‘ on Twitter are misleading society. Assoc. Dr. Drawing attention to the importance of wearing a mask, the warrior said, “I have been wearing masks for 1 year. Especially, we wear special masks in intensive care units during various procedures. I have 12 PCR tests negative so far, I have not encountered the virus.”

‘Over 90% protection detected’

Assoc. Dr. The warrior, emphasizing that the immune system created by the vaccine is created by wearing a mask, “We reduce the risk of transmission of the virus as we wear a mask so that the social transmission is generally reduced. Even if we are faced with a small virus, these people do not become very sick or make other people sick. The mask is very protective against droplet-borne infections. A very serious study was carried out on this subject, especially at Tokyo University. Sample models were created in a biosecure cabinet. Experiments were carried out with various masks with high virus load. As a result, especially in cotton and surgical masks. Up to 50 percent protection, especially if the mask we call N95 is also worn, it has been determined that there is a protection of over 90 percent, this is a very important study, a study has been proven by testing this. Wearing a mask is as important as vaccination. of course, according to the quality and filter of the mask we wear. varies. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the middle layer is filtered and has a TSE certificate, especially in 3-layer masks.

Errored information is given to society

Assoc. Dr. The warrior pointed out that especially the healthcare workers wear masks in surgeries lasting 12-18 hours and they did not experience any health problems caused by the mask, “In this 1 year, masks were used very often in the community. There was no effect on the lungs, heart, respiratory system, brain in any way. Prejudiced, erroneous information about the oxygenation of the lung and the lack of oxygen to the brain affects society incorrectly. Wearing a mask is not a carbon dioxide accumulation in any way, malnutrition in various organs, when we get coronavirus, in fact, very serious damage to organs, clots that cause very serious damage to the lung, heart, brain and Various damages due to the virus occur. Therefore, we need to wear the mask very well, we strongly recommend wearing double masks due to the current mutations in intense environments. We strongly warn you that people wear a mask for a certain period of time even after vaccination, this is very important until antibodies are formed. then still they can catch the virus and become carriers, infect others; But if they wear a mask, they will not catch the virus and they will not be contagious. Therefore, the mask will continue in a very important condition in our lives, “he said.

Not wearing the mask

Assoc. Dr. Stating that there are very serious publications about the mask, the warrior said:

“There are very serious publications about masks in our medical screening database. Protection rates have also been tested. We never find the criticism of ‘raising carbon dioxide’, ‘we wear masks unnecessarily’ without any scientific basis, creating a delirium in the society. The health worker was protected with a mask. Even our various healthcare workers who had vaccinated and relyed on him had to get coronavirus and stay in the hospital. Not wearing a mask, the coronavirus definitely kills. Because the coronavirus has very lethal effects on all organs. a patient did not come to us like this, but we are experiencing deaths every day due to the coronavirus. We have to continue wearing masks.”

Assoc. Dr. The warrior noted that there is no need to wear a mask while doing sports in the open area when there is nobody in the park.

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