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Is hot pepper good for you? Find out the healthy benefits of hot pepper

Despite their burning taste, hot peppers have long been considered a healthy spice


Ali Manavoğlu, Head of the Chamber of Food Engineers Antalya Branch, said that pepper is a vitamin C store, and the capsaicin in its content gives a feeling of pain and burning. Manavoğlu spoke as follows:

“Pepper is known as a bitter and burning vegetable. Actually, pepper has a different, little-known aspect. The human body’s reaction mechanism. When we eat pepper, the body reacts to the sensation of bitterness. Hot pepper is one of the vegetables containing vitamin C. Pepper has a capsaicin substance that gives a bitter taste. When we consume pepper, it releases endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine hormones that give a feeling of happiness against the feeling of pain. Especially the level of endorphin hormone increases. The signals transmitted to the brain increase the level of endorphins to suppress the feeling of pain. The body begins to be happy. It secretes happiness hormone. The excess of this hormone also causes anger in people. Consuming a sufficient amount of hot pepper for both health and happiness will be beneficial. Below are some of the healthy benefits of hot pepper:

Health benefits of hot pepper

  1. Pain relief:

    Capsaicin, the main bioactive plant compound in hot pepper, has some unique properties.

    It binds with pain receptors, which are nerve endings that sense pain. This induces a burning sensation but does not cause any real burning injuries.

    Even so, high consumption of chili peppers (or capsaicin) may desensitize your pain receptors over time, reducing your ability to sense the burning flavor of chili.

  2. Weight loss:

    Obesity is a serious health condition that increases your risk of many chronic illnesses, such as heart disease and diabetes.

    Some evidence suggests that capsaicin can promote weight loss by reducing appetite and increasing fat burning. It is considered one of the best healthy benefit of hot pepper

    In fact, studies show that 10 grams of red chili pepper can significantly increase fat burning in both men and women.

  3. Promotes a Healthy Heart:

    It also aids the circulatory system and prevents heart disease by lowering blood serum cholesterol and reduces lipid deposits, and therefore, reverses excessive blood clotting. It also dilates the blood vessels to aid in blood flow.

  4. Relieves Joint Pain:

    Due to the powerful pain-relieving properties of the capsaicin from peppers, it can be applied to the skin to reduce the chemical P, the ingredient that carries pain messages to the brain.

    Ultimately, the pain receptors exhaust themselves by depleting the body’s reserves. Once this happens, the capsaicin acts as a pain reliever. It is used effectively for shingles, HIV neuropathy, and other types of pain.

  5. Fights the Flu, Colds, and Fungal Infections:

Hot peppers are chalked full of beta carotene and antioxidants that support your immune system and will aid in fighting off colds and the flu.

Research has found that nasal sprays containing capsaicin reduce congestion. Increased body temperature from the ingestion of hot peppers triggers the immune system into action in fighting the norovirus (cold), flu viruses.

Consumption of peppers fights against 16 fungal strains by reducing fungal pathogens. The above were some of the healthy benefits that we told you about hot pepper.


Remember, the hotter the pepper, the higher the capsaicin content. So, spike your meals with fiery spice and reap the health benefits that people from the tropics have enjoyed for centuries. Hot peppers can spice up salsas, salad dressings, and soups, add some crunch to a veggie plate or act as a balance to bitter foods like greens.

To cool the heat, try mixing spicy chili flavor with more cool, neutral tastes, like yogurts, avocadoes, mango, papaya, or cilantro. Sample a variety of peppers from the capsicum family: anaheim, bell, cayenne, jalapeno, pepperoncini, poblano, serrano, habanero, and tabasco.

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