Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Iran summons Turkey’s ambassador

The Turkish ambassador was summoned on Sunday due to the comments of the country’s foreign minister over the presence of the PKK elements in the Iranian soils

Iran Ambassador Mohammad Ferazmend country’s ambassador to Baghdad mosque of Turkey IREC was called to the Foreign Ministry because it violates the sovereignty of Iraq but criticized statements. Ferazmend the Ambassador Masjid Turkey to Iraq’s sovereignty violated, but who accuse explanation of the rejection with strong words, essentially Iraq’s stability of Turkey’s operations, including security and the Iraqi authorities that are exercised under anti-terrorism for domination that targets the PKK elements It was stated that it is known by everyone. The Masjid said the day before, “We reject military intervention in Iraq and Turkish forces should not pose a threat.” Turkey’s ambassador to Baghdad Fatih Yildiz also in Turkey, “Iraq will give lectures related to the respect for the limits is the last person IREC Masjid Iran’s ambassador to Baghdad,” he made a statement.

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