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Instagram Working on Kids Version of The App Designed for Children Below 13 Years

Facebook is working on yet another platform specifically designed for kids under 13 years

The American multinational wants to create a version of its photo and video platform dedicated to under 13s.

After conquering some 1.2 billion monthly users on Instagram, Facebook is looking for new sources of growth for its platform dedicated to photos and videos. And for that, the company has a new idea: to create a version intended for children under 13, reports the American site. Despite the lack of age control when registering, they are in theory not allowed to access the social network, in its “classic” version. In Europe, the platform is currently the subject of an investigation concerning its management of the personal data of minors.

Parental control

“We have identified working with younger people as a priority for Instagram,” explains one of Instagram’s executives in an internally distributed post viewed by BuzzFeed News. The latter intends in particular “to create a version of Instagram allowing those under 13 to use Instagram for the first time in complete safety”.

According to the American media, the project is led by Pavni Diwanji, who joined Facebook in December 2020. During her long experience at Google (between 2005 and 2018), she was notably at the head of the teams behind YouTube Kids, the video streaming platform dedicated to the youngest.

To BuzzFeed News, Adam Mosseri, who runs Instagram, confirms the existence of the project. He mentioned, in particular, the desire to “create a version of Instagram for children whose parents can keep control.”

At Facebook, the presence of children on Instagram is a regularly mentioned problem, especially when it comes to the risks of bullying, but also the presence of sexual predators. The platform recently announced that an adult will no longer be able to send a message to a minor (between 13-18 years old) if the latter does not follow him.

For the company led by Mark Zuckerberg, the arrival of an “Instagram Kids” would allow better control of the environment of the youngest, while offering more specific advertising to children.

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