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In the US presidential election 3 weeks before the polls, Biden is 10 points ahead of Trump

The winner of the 59th presidential election to be held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020

On 3rd November Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden compete in the USA, which has experienced an “extraordinary” election process with the effect of the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, is eagerly awaited.

While the latest situation in the polls before the elections is closely monitored, the reliability of the polls has been viewed as a question mark in the public since 2016.

According to the survey results, which Real Clear Politics, one of the leading political analysis sites in the USA, compiled the average of almost all polls on a national basis, Biden leads the race 10.6 points ahead of Trump.


The US President’s capture of Covid-19 was also effective in Biden’s opening up with Trump to double digits.

Trump’s statements, “Do not be afraid of Covid-19” after he got sick and left the hospital, caused a reaction among some voter groups in the USA, where more than 220,000 lives were lost due to the virus.

Trump gained momentum when the difference with Joe Biden was 9.4 points on July 1 and reduced the difference to 7.4 points until October 2, when he announced that the Covid-19 test was “positive”.

However, after October 2, this gap widened rapidly, resulting in Biden getting ahead by 10.6 points.


In the presidential elections to be held on Tuesday, November 3rd, voters mainly vote for the delegates of the party they support.

In this system, called the “Electoral College” in the USA, a total of 538 delegates are assigned to each state with different weights.

The candidate who reaches one more than half of this number, ie 270 delegates, deserves to be president.

One of the striking features of the American political system, where the balance between states is observed, is that the person who has more delegates, not more votes in total, is the president.

Trump, who won the last election in 2016, reached 304 delegates, but his rival Hillary Clinton received nearly 3 million more votes than Trump.

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