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Huawei Fight COVID-19 Coronavirus with Technology EIHealth System for Hospitals

The new corona pneumonia virus is raging around the world, and many technology companies have also used their own innovative technology to develop different anti-epidemic measures. Huawei Cloud held an online conference today to disclose how Huawei Cloud uses 5G, AI, cloud computing and other technologies to help the world fight against epidemics.

Deng Tao, President of Huawei Cloud Global Market, said that countries around the world now have to face four major difficulties, including: how to speed up the diagnosis process, how to effectively assist the medical team, how students continue to learn, and how to help companies get through the difficulties. Innovative technology has played an important role in this anti-epidemic work, so Huawei Cloud is currently actively using its own technology to develop new solutions for medical teams, students and enterprises in three areas.

In the medical field, Huawei Cloud has developed a medical agent (EIHealth), which can provide AI-assisted diagnostic services for medical teams, such as the use of AI technologies such as computer vision and medical image analysis to quickly provide clinicians with CT )result.

Qiao Nan, director of R & D at Huawei Cloud EIHealth, mentioned that in order to diagnose whether a patient is suffering from new coronavirus pneumonia, a CT scan of the chest cavity must be used, but the general CT scan takes about 4 to 5 days to know the results, which has a certain impact on the treatment time of the patient. If assisted by AI, the diagnosis efficiency can be improved, and the patient’s lung condition can be identified more quickly. The patient’s infection degree can be analyzed in only 4 to 5 minutes.

In addition, pharmaceutical R & D is a process with high technical threshold, complexity and long cycle. Qiao Nan said that the current epidemic situation is severe and it is necessary to accelerate the development of anti-viral drugs, so the EIHealth system uses AI technology to analyze the drug database and assist the medical team in drug screening.

Huawei Cloud currently builds 3 large-scale drug screening libraries. The first drug screening library uses DrugBank ’s 8506 drug molecules, the second uses ZINC database of 2.24 million lead compound analogs, and the third is UniChem ’s 160 million. Drug molecule. The medical team can use the system to screen the virus NSP16 target protein into the DrugBank screening library and analyze which drug molecules in DrugBank can be used as target proteins. Earlier, through testing, it was found that DrugBank screening can be completed in only 20 minutes.

Deng Tao revealed at the meeting that Huawei has now opened EIHealth services to hospitals and research institutions around the world. Among them, drug screening services and viral genome analysis services will be free for 1,000 hours and 500 hours, respectively, while AI-assisted CT services will be comprehensive. Free until May 1st.

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