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How to do pushups, what are the benefits? Which muscle groups do push-up exercise work?

During push-ups, you use your own body weight as a load to train these muscle groups

Doing push-ups helps to develop the muscles in the chest and back arm. In order to perform push-ups properly, the floor must first be flat. Push-ups help to tighten the body while burning a high amount of calories. Correct push-up position, benefits of the push-up, and answers to other curious questions.

What is the push-up position?

The push-up position is a lifting movement performed by standing face down on a flat surface and supported by fingertips. To make the push-up position more effective, it will be more efficient for you to apply it regularly and in sets.

How to do a pushup?

You should not have any discomfort before doing push-ups. Especially those with chronic diseases should be careful while doing this exercise. Those who are going to do push-ups for the first time will have no difficulty in doing the push-ups correctly. Also, those who are going to do push-ups for the first time are recommended not to do more than 5 of these movements. If they continue by increasing the number of movements every day, the body will be used to these movements.

  • To do push-ups, you should first put your hands on the ground with your hands shoulder-width apart.
  • Fix your body shape using your toes.
  • After you shape your body correctly, you should break your elbow.
  • When you break your elbow, you should lower your body towards the ground as possible.
  • When you raise your arm back, it should rise with you on your torso.
  • Each rise and fall counts as a pushup.

One of the most important points in push-up is the disorder that occurs in body posture during the application of the movement. This is a sign of weakness or carelessness of the person. It is appropriate to have your torso straight to apply for the correct push-up position. When you start doing push-ups, you should also gain breath control.

Benefits of push-ups everyday

There are multiple benefits of pushups for human health. Here are the benefits of doing push-ups:

  • It runs the body metabolism,
  • It increases the energy of the person and allows him to concentrate more,
  • It adds vitality to the person and provides more exercise,
  • It makes many muscles work,
  • It burns calories and helps to lose weight,
  • It protects a fit body.

Which muscle does the pushup work?

Push-ups work many muscles in the body. Some of those;

  • Shoulder muscles
  • Chest muscles
  • Back muscles
  • Upper arm muscles,
  • Abdominal muscles,
  • They are the hip muscles.

What to do if I am unable to do a pushup?

  • When doing push-ups, you should not put the whole load on the shoulders. Otherwise, you will get tired quickly.
  • You must use your body properly. Your hip should not touch the ground.
  • You have to push the ground and move on to the ascension stage.
  • Open your arms quite shoulder-width apart.
  • Make your moves correctly according to the sets.
  • Your head and back should be in line.

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