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Fikret Orman is expelled from the club

Abdullah Avcı has already gone to Beşiktaş, but his crisis continues from where he left off.

The experienced technical man, who has not been working in teams since he was dismissed in black and white, is currently a commentator at the broadcaster. Avcı’s compensation is 36 million lira in total. The lawyer of the fifty-seven-year-old technical man made a statement to Abdullah Avcı. He stated that no payment had been made since he left. Thereupon, the Cebi administration called for Avcı to meet with him to compromise. However, the experienced coach’s refusal to compromise caused surprise.


Mayor Ahmet Nur Çebi went crazy when he examined the contract with Avcı. While Abdullah Avcı was granted the right to resign without compensation, Çebi reacted strongly to Beşiktaş’s desperation for a large amount of compensation, and at the council committee meeting to be held next month. for misconduct and negligent damage to the club. It was learned that other administrators gave full support to Cebi in this regard.


Ahmet Nur Çebi and his administration, who were forced to pay 36 million lira to Abdullah Avcı, acted very carefully in Sergen Yalçın’s contract. The black-and-white administration will not pay any compensation to Sergen Hodja if he is dismissed.

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