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Facebook Calls-only Ads – New Lead Method Introduced to Generate Phone Calls

Facebook Call-only ads is a new Facebook Ads feature that is seen in a recent rush since its release in November 2020.

Since Google call-only and call extensions ads are the only way for paid advertisers to hit the targeted audiences via search ads, Facebook introduced its new Lead generation ad type “Calls Only” to let advertisers make the phone ring of their targeted audience by using campaign objective Lead Generation.

These click-to-call ads primary purpose is to let potential customers call your business directly from Facebook, which differentiates them from the traditional display ads on the platform. Let’s take a bit of deeper dive to know everything about the new click-to-call ad feature.

Analyse New Facebook Call-Only Ads

Clients often ask Paid Advertisers, “I want customers to call me directly on my phone, how can I get more phone calls through digital marketing?” As for their business, prospective customers need help or consultation right this second. Now Facebook has set up a type of advertising specifically for this purpose, called “Call Ads”, which allow advertisers to easily encourage people to call their business in the fastest way.

Today we will introduce the features and all the pros of call-only Facebook lead generation ads.

  1. What are Call-only ads?
  2. Benefits of Call-only ads
  3. FAQs – You Should Know About Facebook Call Ads
  4. Facebook Call Lead Ads Best Strategy & Practices
  5. How to create a Facebook Call-only Ad?

1. What are Call-only ads?

Facebook call-only ads are a type of lead generation ads. They are different from the general display ads: when users click on the ads on their mobile phone, they do not enter the landing page. Instead the call was made directly from the mobile phone.

The ad preview and format is shown in the figure below. There is a “call now” button on the right of the ad title and you can also show the phone number directly in the headline as shown.

These call lead generation ads have two major benefits:

  1. It is easier for mobile users to directly dial service calls. When potential customers click on the sponsored ad, they will not enter the page, but will call the business directly. 
  2. It belongs to the type of Facebook Lead generation ads, and these campaigns are based on the same auction system where ads compete for impression based on bid and performance.

2. Benefits of Call-only ads

  1. Click to call ads to make the distance between the business and the potential customer only one click away (1 click = 1 phone call). Then click on the advertisement directly triggers the phone to make a call.
  2. The phone number can be displayed as the headline or your own ad style, which is much flexible so you make it eye-catching, which further shortens the distance between the business and customers.
  3. These call ads are suitable for industries that provide emergency services, such as locksmiths, doctors, lawyers, service providers (internet tv or cable), car repair, mobile phone or laptop repair, 1st responder on emergencies, etc.

3. FAQs – You Should Know About Facebook Call Ads

Q: Since Call-only ads are so powerful, and potential customers click on the ad and call directly, don’t I need to need a landing page?

Answer: First of all, the advantages of Call-only ads also determine its limitations.

  1. It is only applicable to mobile phones, desktop users cannot see such advertisements.
  2. The advertising time can only be during business hours (if no one answers the calls during non-business hours, the advertising cost will be wasted).
  3. In the advertisement settings, it is not yet necessary to submit the page link but in future just like Google it may need page link for matching the advertisement to Facebook for review to ensure the real existence of the business.

Secondly, call ads do not conflict with the landing pages, and the URL will still be rendered as part of the advertisement. The business all information, product services and other content of the business still need to be displayed on the page, which is of course important for users to understand your services in case.

In short, except for phone calls, other conversation actions like lead form, chat etc. needed to be implemented on the good landing page.

Therefore, the typical Facebook Lead Generation type, along with Call-only ads, can better open the market for advertisers and businesses to bring more customers. If you are already using google call-only ads to bring calls, then you may wish to consider adding Facebook call ads which help you bring more cost-effective calls.

Now, before we outline the facts it’s critical to understand who wins? As Google helps you find new customers whereas Facebook helps new customers find you. Still confused? Let’s make it easy for you to understand.

Google is an incredible advertising platform, and it is most commonly used to show search ads to relevant audiences and its typical goal is to try bringing click to your ad and then hopefully the user takes an action like making a direct phone call or submitting a lead form.

Similar to Google, Facebook Ads are paid ads that appear on Facebook to the targeted users typically based on the interests or user behavior. Comparing both Google ads are highly specific to the obvious interest in the user’s search terms whereas Facebook has more demographic targeting options than Google.

Facebook Call Lead Ads Best Strategy & Practices

Now we are going to take a look at a few effective marketing tips/ hacks you can use to increase your Facebook phone call campaign success rate.

  1. Facebook Ads has a lot of demographic data and their algorithm can find users who match your ideal user profile. So using the demographic targeting option will make phone calls more effective.

    You can target endless demographic information such as age, gender, income, interests, etc. You can also match specific interests by targeting people who like a particular page (such as “the best stove in the world” for a kitchenware store).
  1. The famous targeting option is “Lookalike audience”, which allows advertisers to upload customer data, create custom audiences, and then create a look-alike new audience with the same interests and consumer behaviour.

At last, it really depends on your business goals and what you want to achieve. If the main KPI of your business is to bring new customers by bringing phone calls, “Call Ads” may be more suitable for you. Although, if increasing lead generation through the form is your need you may select the “Instant Form”.

How to create a Facebook Call-only Ad?

Now as we have already explained what a click-to-call FB ad is, here’s an easy step guide to set up lead generation call ads.

Step 1: Navigate to Facebook’s Ads Manager from the dashboard and select “Lead Generation” in the “Consideration” column.

Step 2: Once you’ve named your campaign, turn on “Campaign Budget Optimization” update your “daily budget” or “lifetime budget“.

Step 3: Select “Lead method” to “calls” and select your page you want to use for business.

Step 4: Make sure you did “Ad scheduling“.

There are two ways to do so:

  • If you have selected a lifetime budget while campaign creation in the ad group you will see an ad schedule option.

    Click on the radio button and check “Run ads on a schedule“.
If you have selected a daily budget while campaign creation in the ad group you can create “Campaign Rules” to turn on/off campaigns based on the desired schedule.

Step 4: Make sure you select “Manual Placements“. Selecting only news feed ads is a cost-effective strategy. 

Step 6: Now it’s time to create your first Facebook call-only ad. Select “Ad Format” and create your ad copy, headline, and description.

Step 7: In the call-to action select your business phone number “Country Code” and insert your “Phone Number”. For the best performance, you can also  invest it in campaign call tracking numbers tools like CallFire, DialogTech or RingDNA etc.

All Done! Good luck 🙂

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