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DS7 Crossback tops the 2020 Most Stolen Car Rankings

The French SUV is ahead of the Renault Mégane RS and the Clio in the Auto Plus ranking of the most frequently stolen vehicles in France in 2020

Auto thefts, too, have been hit by the health crisis, with facts down 13% last year, the latest issue of Auto Plus said.

“Like us, the thugs had to undergo two confinements, then a curfew, which did not make their task easier. Faced with such constraints, we could even have hoped for a more significant drop”, comments the specialist magazine which publishes this Friday it’s an annual ranking of the models most targeted by thieves.

The DS7 Crossback in the lead

The 2020 list of cars most prized by thieves has produced thanks to the feedback of 14 insurance companies, mutual, and banks, making it possible to assess the level of risk for nearly 236 models and about half of the French car fleet.

Surprising first in this 2020 ranking: the DS7 Crossback. Launched in early 2018, the SUV was only 37th in sales last year. But it won the prize for the frequency of thefts, with 194 thefts for 10,000 insured, a rate close to 2%. The other SUV stars at the former PSA now Stellantis, the Peugeot 3008 and 5008 are respectively 14th and 30th in the ranking: they are more stolen in total volume but less than their premium cousin in proportions of the existing fleet.

The main weakness of the DS7, notes Auto Plus, “its vulnerable opening system” which would allow it to be easily and quickly stolen with an electronic box.

A sportswoman in the second position

In the second position, we find the Renault Mégane RS, with 179 flights for 10,000 insured. “Like all models of the Losange, the sportiest Renault sins by its weak opening / starting system and by the ease of access to its OBD socket (diagnostic socket, which allows access to car information) “, explains Auto Plus, adding that this vehicle would be particularly popular because of its good rating on the used market.

The Clio 4, the previous generation of the current model marketed by Renault, is in 3rd place, with 82 flights for 10,000 insured. The versatile city car, long number one in sales in France, remains particularly popular for its spare parts.

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