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Charlie Hebdo trial for insulting Cartoons: Strong Reaction from the Union of Muslim Scholars!

Ali Muhyiddin al-Karadaği, the Secretary-General of the World Union of Muslim Scholars, reacted to the French humour magazine Charlie Hebdo‘s republishing the insulting cartoons by talking about the Prophet Muhammad, the prophet of Islam.

“The magazine wants to re-disclose the morality of its own society, reinterpret the secularism, human rights and freedom laws it believes in. Of course, we will not respond to ignorance with ignorance. This magazine will not even reach the dust that touched the base of the Prophet,” said Karadaği on his Facebook account. used the expressions.


Pointing out that Muslims are the defenders of ideas, not evil, Karadağı continued as follows:

“We believe that all the saints are untouchable. Those who insult our Prophet Muhammad, who teaches goodness, justice and freedom, have no morals and honour.”


French humour magazine Charlie Hebdo, before the trial, started yesterday regarding the terrorist attacks in the capital Paris in January 2015, Hz. He published insulting cartoons about Muhammad.

According to the shared cover of the magazine, in the caricature in this week’s issue, Hz. “It is difficult to be loved by fools.” sentence took place. In the cartoon “Muhammad is dealing with fundamentalists.” statement was included.

The cover also includes the Jyllands-Posten newspaper published in Denmark in 2005 and Hz. There are 12 pictures containing insulting to Mohammed. Above and below the images are written in big font “Was it all for that?” statement is included.

In the statement made by the magazine, it was argued that it is important to publish this cartoon before the trial that will begin tomorrow.

In the magazine, in January 2015 before and after the attacks, Hz. Insulting cartoons about Muhammad were published.

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