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Beware of the 6-digit code WhatsApp scam

 A rapidly spreading wave of scams on WhatsApp put users’ accounts in jeopardy

When you share the code in the SMS sent to you from WhatsApp upon a message from a friend, your account is automatically seized. The fraud method works as follows:

An SMS is sent to the user’s phone and this SMS is the same as the authentication SMS you received during the initial installation of WhatsApp. So the message comes directly from WhatsApp. The user, on the other hand, tries to make sense of the incoming message even though he does not do any WhatsApp action, but he cannot get out of it. At this point, a friend sends a message to the user and includes the following lines:

“Hello, I’m sorry, I sent you a WhatsApp 6-digit code by SMS by mistake, could you please forward it to me?

As soon as the user shares the code in the SMS sent to him with his friend, the WhatsApp account is taken over by someone else. It is a method that is spreading so rapidly that many people have started to suffer from these fake messages.

Since your friend’s WhatsApp account is also hacked, such messages should not be trusted. WhatsApp’s verification code is unique to you and never share it with anyone else.

Verification code from WhatsApp. Never share

Otherwise, it is quite difficult to get back your WhatsApp account, and even worse, all your private messages can be deciphered.

This WhatsApp 6 digit code pin is the need of these hackers to gain access to your private chats. To verify your WhatsApp account, a Facebook-owned firm will randomly send this 6digit code to your phone number registered with the account

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