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Home Gaming Axell Studio has released the trailer of its first game Back Streets

Axell Studio has released the trailer of its first game Back Streets

Axell Studio has released the trailer of its first game, Back Streets. The game is planned to be released in February

During the pandemic period, interest in digital content increased. In 2021, this interest is expected to increase gradually, especially in the gaming industry. When the number of game studios is examined, it is seen that the city with the highest number of game studios in Europe after London is Istanbul. Based on this, the investments in the Turkish gaming industry have reached $ 3 billion in recent years, increasing the number of projects in the gaming industry, each one more ambitious.

Finally, the local game company Axell Studio, which received an investment of 400 thousand dollars in September and aroused with its new project that gamers are eagerly awaiting, released the trailer of its first game Back Streets. Drawing attention to the point of story and game flow, the project is preparing to be among the favorites of game lovers as a real-time, online, and competitive running game.


In Back Streets, it is seen that the main goal is to overcome the enemies of the players on the map where 3 people will fight in real-time. In the game project, which includes 6 characters with different special powers, players have to do their best to be the winner of the run. With the seasons to be included in the game, different contents and innovations will meet with the players in the future.

In the mobile game, published in the World and Turkey in-game city details, the story and despite the criticism that you did not place enough to lighting Back Streets fragments of these details sensitivity shown, giving you an important insight for the quality of the game. In the trailer, it is seen that the technology company named ERA Corporation has taken the city of Bolit under the protection and the lives of the people living here are restricted. However, when one of the city’s notorious criminals reappears, the fate of the city passes into the hands of a group that people address as “Outsiders”.

The sentence “Be ready in February!” The end of the trailer arouses great curiosity among gamers. All developments regarding the game, which is planned to be released in February, can be followed through Axell Studio YouTube and social media accounts.


Commenting on Back Streets, Axell Studio CEO Onur Eyikul said, “The year 2021 will show great developments for the digital game industry. Our goal is to turn Back Streets into a game played on a global scale, especially in the USA, EU countries, and the MENA region, and to take our place in the global market. For our story, we created a city of 600 buildings into the Back Streets universe. View the online mobile gaming initiative from Turkey We’re working with our professional team in order to announce to the world, “he said.

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