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ARM-based silicon processor release date and features

Apple announced the iPhone 12 that they will stop using Intel processors on some Mac models and switch to their own designs of ARM-based Silicon processor

Rumors that the company could implement such a strategy have been spoken in the industry for a long time. However, with the statements of Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, the situation was finalized. Cook calls this step “a big leap forward” for the Mac.

Although Apple is strict about the details, it promises that the processors they will produce in-house will provide a great performance increase and consume less energy compared to Intel processors.

Intel firm, on the other hand, announced that Apple has customers in many branches of the industry and will continue to support them. Explaining that they will continue to work to obtain high efficiency and enjoyable experience from the users’ computers, the company stated that they will continue to serve all customers using Intel processors worldwide and will continue to be the most open platform for developers in the future as it is today.

This development does not mean that Mac computers with Intel processors will be a thing of the past. It is not yet clear whether Apple’s in-house Silicon processors will be the best choice for Mac users, but it is certain that it will be preferred to provide compatibility with iPhone and iPad applications.

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