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Anti-Erdogan Crusader alliance from three lobbies

The “Saladin of the new millennium” continues to turn the chemistry of the Western world upside down.


With the hysteria of losing in the political and military arena, these lobbies have started to focus their slander on the media. For example, in France, which is considered the castle of the Armenian lobby. Le Point magazine In its editorial dated October 9, ‘Fuhrer-Reis’ can be quizzed enough to make a comparison.
American-born French journalist Franz-Olivier Giesberg In the editorial letter bearing his signature, all the limits of arrogance were crossed.
Turkey is also being given to the imagination of Giesberg detective novel writer “The new gendarmerie of the Middle East” the ad says. Giesberg, who wrote that Mr. Erdogan’s politics resembled Hitler, called the world to help and mercy the Armenians. To Erdogan, it reads ‘curse’.

If the West is not stopped, Erdogan is making propaganda that Hitler will set the world on fire.
Again Point Le Gabriel in October at 7 pm DETRA “Erdogan’s new war,” published in Turkey’s expansionist and aggressive policy pursued by processing a perception. Drawing attention to the headline of Sabah Newspaper ‘Azerbaijan is making history’, Detrie, in the article he wrote from Istanbul, advises the obvious focuses that “Erdogan is in the mind of increasing his power even more. It must be stopped as soon as possible”.


French media, Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan’s While embracing the lie he uttered, “Erdogan is killing us now in Armenia”, the Russian press The bloody-handed Bashar Assad his driving to the front drew attention.
“Erdogan, Syrian fighters He took him to Karabakh “ Armenian who made Assad tell his lie pro-Russian media than making it to the headlines for days chewed. After Assad descriptions as soon as the oceans transcending Anglo-Saxon of media rotary to return started. In the USA From The National Kareem Shaheen from this disinformation on the move “Turkey’s Pawns in Azerbaijan “ He wrote his article.
From Foreign, Policy Allison makes where Turkey’s rightful cases’ military adventure and expansionism ‘ Same as the Armenian lobby in France he spoke on frequency.
As can be seen, all three lobbies that control the politicians, the media, and the economy in the West have almost made a Crusader alliance in opposition to Erdogan. They act simultaneously and bring up the same theses with the same perception operations and clichés in different continents.
But no matter what they do, the Australian analyst Iain MacGillivray is desperate for it “After Erdogan, Turkey ” his dream will always remain a utopia.

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