Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Amazon made a small change to its app icon after the design reminded some people of Hitler’s mustache

Amazon changed its app icon after users flagged a resemblance to Adolf Hitler’s mustache

The company upgraded its app icon in early January. A choice that had given rise to many negative comments.

This is a comparison that Amazon would have done well. After designing a new icon for its application in early 2021, the company ran into unexpected on social media.

In recent weeks, the icon of the Amazon application for iOS and Android has indeed taken on the historic “smile” of the brand, overhung by a blue ribbon cut into wavelets. The problem, the design – which replaced a logo and cart on a white background – was immediately compared to Adolf Hitler’s brush mustache.

Discreet evolution

In recent hours, Amazon has therefore again changed the icon of its application on the Apple App Store as on the Android Google Play Store, removing the problematic shape of the blue adhesive tape, now cut in a straight line.

“Amazon is constantly exploring new avenues to satisfy our customers. We designed the new logo to arouse the expectation, excitement and joy of customers when they start shopping on their smartphone, but also when they see our parcels arrive on their doorstep ”explains a door soberly. -speaking of the company to the American site .

If Amazon has changed the icon of its mobile application, the company retains the identical logo, used since 2000. The latter uses the historic “smile” of the brand, linking the letter “a” to the letter “ z ”of the name of the company, to better evoke the exhaustiveness of the catalog of the platform.

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