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Abdominal bloating – causes and treatments

What causes stomach bloating? There can be many different answers to this question

The injured intestine or stomach bacteria produce some gas. Although this does not bother the person, it is not a problem for the person’s health. However, if the amount of gas in the body increases and the air causes tension on the walls of the organs, then it will be difficult to evacuate. This situation causes effects such as difficulty in breathing, palpitations, and the desire to burp constantly. There is a feeling of bloating in the stomach. So what is good for stomach bloating in this case, how is it relieved? Here are the reasons for stomach bloating and the curious details about the issue, especially the questions of how …

What is good for stomach bloating?

Stomach bloating is a condition that can occur in one in three people. Some people get rid of stomach bloating by applying the treatments at home, and others apply to the hospital for persistent swelling. If you have mild stomach bloating, you can apply our list of natural and herbal solutions that are good for stomach bloating at home. Here is that list:

  • You can clean intestinal parasites by consuming fresh ginger.
  • Mint tea is good for abdominal and stomach discomfort. You can make tea at home with dried mint.
  • Fennel tea is a frequently consumed herbal solution for stomach problems.
  • You can take precautions against digestive system diseases by drinking lemon water.
  • Consuming pineapple reduces stomach bloating.
  • Parsley stimulates digestion and relieves constipation. Do not neglect to use it in salads.
  • Cucumber is known as a diuretic. It clears toxins. You can use it in salads and meals.
  • You can relax by drinking lemon and baking soda water after eating. Put 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda in a glass of warm water. 2 Add 3 drops of lemon. Then drink it while stirring.

One of the home remedies for stomach bloating is exercise. We also need to apply methods such as regular walking, movements by activating the abdominal and intestines, sports to support digestion after meals. It is possible to get rid of excess gas from your body by drinking a soda and then taking walks in our environment.

How does stomach bloating pass?

We mentioned that the cause of stomach bloating is mostly due to gas compression. In this context, in order to remove the gas formed in the stomach, we first need to reduce the factor that creates the gas. Often the excess air we breathe while eating is thrown back as gas. The first step to the solution method is that we should not hurry while eating and eat slowly. One should not talk while eating.

We can take the gas out by using carbonated drinks. We can especially benefit from sodas. Walking and some exercises help to expel gas formed in the stomach. We can do regular exercises. Among the things that are good for stomach bloating, there are herbal and natural solutions that you can apply at home.


There is no fixed remedy recommended for stomach bloating. Experts usually recommend drugs that will work the intestines and stimulate digestion. Especially for those who suffer from gas pains, enema treatment is applied and the excess gas is thrown out.

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