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Pay attention to the wallet carried in the back pocket; can even lead to spinal curvature

Under low back pain; In addition to a herniated disc, excess weight, and heavy lifting, there are also unnecessarily filled wallets. Stating that especially men sit on the wallets they carry in their back pockets and this causes some health problems in the waist and spine, Istanbul Hospital Brain and Nerve Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Eyüp Baykara said,

“This is an issue that is not paid much attention. Carrying a wallet in the back pocket can cause some health problems in the spine and waist. When a person sits without taking his wallet out of his pocket, there is an unbalanced sitting and unbalanced load on the spine muscles and joints. This situation seriously triggers back pain. “Someone carrying a wallet in his right back pocket is loaded more on the left. In this case, it puts an unbalanced load on the spinal muscles and joints and connective tissues in the spine,” he said.


Underlining that the sciatic nerve passing through the hip may be pressured by the wallet, Op. Dr. Eyüp Baykara said, “When you sit on the wallet, there is pressure on the sciatic nerve. This pain can be confused with the lumbar hernia. This problem can go up to the curvature of the spine. We may encounter a slight curvature of the spine. “used expressions.

Reminding that patients most frequently admitted to the hospital with complaints of low back pain, Op. Dr. Baykara said, “There are many causes of low back pain. We need to distinguish exactly the cause of this. 95 percent of the causes of low back pain is mechanical pain. Some of these are the unstable sitting position. Sitting on the wallet also causes unbalanced sitting,” said Baykara.


Explaining that they will start the treatment with pain medication, Op. Dr. Baykara finally made the following warnings:

“When you will sit for a long time, take your wallet out of your back pocket. Sitting should be vertical, not inclined to one side. The distribution of the load on the spine should be balanced. When there are too many cards in the wallet, you can carry them with a bag. , muscle relaxants, anti-edema medications, hot applications, muscle-relaxing treatments. Later, to strengthen the spine muscles. The most effective protection would be to avoid such sitting positions. “

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