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67 million-year-old dinosaur skeleton sold

 A 67-million-year-old T-rex skeleton named “Stan” was sold for $ 31.85 million at Christie’s auction house in New York, USA.

It was stated that the dinosaur skeleton was recorded as the most expensive dinosaur fossil ever sold. While the name of the person who bought the 11 meters 27-centimeter long dinosaur skeleton was not disclosed, it was announced that the buyer was a company bidding by phone.

The dinosaur skeleton, which has been on display for years at the Black Hills Geological Research Institute in South Dakota, is said to be one of the largest complete T-rex fossils ever found, with 188 bones, an intact head, and teeth longer than 11 centimeters.

Not knowing the name of the purchaser also created a different mystery. In fact, this dinosaur skeleton, which was expected to be much less wage, found buyers far above expectations. The pre-sale expected was only $ 6 million.

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