Thursday, September 16, 2021
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5G: Paris finally approves the deployment of the network

5G arrives in intramural Paris, all the lights on green

After the Paris Council vote, the four operators are now free to deploy 5G in Paris, after having done so in many French cities.

5G will arrive in Paris “in the next few days,” Orange boss Stéphane Richard said on Thursday the day after the Paris Council voted on a charter framing its deployment in the capital.

“5G will start in Paris before the end of March, that’s for the next few days,” said Richard on Europe 1.

The Paris Council gave the political green light to the deployment of 5G with the vote of a charter providing in particular for the creation of an observatory on the subject. The right voted for, but the elected ecologists, yet allies of the mayor PS Anne Hidalgo, voted against.

Several cities, initially recalcitrant, ended up letting operators turn on their 5G networks, like Strasbourg, Lyon, and Bordeaux.

Improvements, not revolution

Opponents of 5G are worried about the health risk that the waves would pose to the population, and also denounce a useless technology, which does not meet the real needs of society. According to Stéphane Richard, Orange has in any case the first positive feedback from consumers switched to 5G.

User satisfaction “is on average twice as high on 5G” as on 4G, he said. “All bandwidth-heavy content passes instantly and very easily,” he said.

He acknowledged, however, that for now, the benefit for the consumer was “significant”, but not “disruptive”, given the low number of applications fully utilizing the potential of 5G. “But we are going to have new uses, new terminals also which will bring about real revolutions”, he said.

If the operators had agreed to wait for the conclusions of the citizen consultation desired by Anne Hidalgo, the mayors do not however have competence in matters of the deployment of telecommunications infrastructures, decided at the national level. They cannot therefore legally oppose it, the Council of State recalled in 2011.

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