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10 high protein vegetarian foods that should be on your table

Proteins are an important part of our daily diet. They provide our muscles, cells, and other vital tissues with the growth factors

A healthy eating plan includes consuming all kinds of foods regularly. Only in this way can the vitamins, minerals, and proteins needed by the body be balanced. However, for those who do not consume certain foods, such as vegetarians or vegans, especially protein intake is an important point.
Protein-containing foods should be consumed every day. To calculate how much protein you need per day, your weight is 0.36 gr. you have to multiply by. According to these formulas; A 75-pound person needs 27 grams of protein a day. Those who do serious sports can, of course, increase this rate. Fortunately, there are plant-based protein sources, although it may seem difficult to meet this amount for those who do not consume animal products that are a source of protein or who consume limited.

If you are a vegetarian then how to get protein as a vegetarian? And what kind of vegetarian food you should eat?

These high protein vegetarian foods on your table

‘Vegetable Can you get enough protein from the sources? ‘What are the complete protein sources? You may be wondering. The answer is yes. This is possible with vegetable proteins that can be consumed at every meal or snack. The list of high protein vegetarian foods are as follows:


Half a glass of cooked lentil contains an average of 8 grams of protein. It is also suitable to be used in different recipes and to replace grains such as rice. It is a rich source of folate, potassium, and copper as well as protein.


Half a cup of cooked beans contains as much protein as lentils. Although there are different types of beans that stand out as a rich source of fiber, their protein content can be considered the same.

Red Potato

Red potato is a kind of root vegetable that has just started to become widespread in our country. 1 large cooked red potato contains 7 grams of protein. In fact, other types of potatoes are also substantially protein-rich, but the proportion is higher for red potatoes. It also contains vitamin B6.


Another member of the legume family, which includes lentils, beans, and peanuts, half a glass of cooked peas contains 4 grams of protein.


Approximately one serving (28-30 grams) of peanuts contains an average of 8 grams of protein. You can consume peanuts between meals, add it like peanut butter (without additives, of course) to your breakfast or use it in meals.


Half a cup of cooked chickpeas contains about 7 grams of protein. It’s also a very good source of fiber. Chickpeas can also be used in many different ways. Even if you think of it simply, there are many recipes in mind. I especially recommend you try the homemade chickpeas.


With a serving of raw almonds (24 pieces), you can meet 6 grams of your daily protein need. In addition, 3 grams of fiber gift.

Red Wheat

Half a bowl of cooked red wheat 5 gr. Contains protein. Wheat from this mining age; is richer in nutrients such as protein, fiber, and iron than other grains.


Half a glass of uncooked oats consumed for breakfast can help you start the day with 5 grams of protein. It is also rich in fiber and antioxidants.


Quinoa, which was called astronaut food because it was a rich source of protein when it first became widespread, contains 4 grams of protein in half a glass of cooked form.


Now you got to know the complete protein sources. It is extremely important to ensure your protein consumption is maintained, and the daily requirement is met. Enjoy the nutrient’s benefits, even if you are a vegetarian, simply by eating the 10 high-protein foods mentioned above. As a non-vegetarian, you can learn how to increase your protein intake while keeping your fat consumption low. So now if you are a vegetarian so you know how to get protein as a vegetarian.

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